Bathroom furniture glossary including cabinets, vanity units, counter tops and work tops, freestanding, fitted and modular bathroom furniture.
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Bathroom Planner – Allows you to select bathroom furniture into a virtual aerial plan of your bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity – Comprises of a bathroom sink surrounded by storage furniture.


Clicker Basin Waste – Brass plug which is pressed when you want to drain the water from the basin. No chain necessary.

Closed Coupled Toilet – The cistern sits on top of the toilet pan

Concealed Cistern – Hides the Cistern part of the toilet system using removable fascias. Ideal for fitted bathroom furniture.

Corner Solutions – Offers a range of ways to maximise the corner wall space in your bathroom.

Cornice Lighting – Aluminium protruding light. Creates a natural light above your mirror or anywhere in your bathroom.

Countertops – Adds the finishing touch to your furniture. Surfaces are available in a wide range of materials.


Dual Switched Lighting Scheme – A flood of light can be created using halogens for a more atmospheric lighting scheme.


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Facia Panel – Doors that fit onto the bathroom cabinets

Flat Pack Furniture - Bathroom Furniture that needs to be assembled before it is fitted.

Front access cistern - A toilet cistern that allows access to the internal mechanisms of the cistern though the front panel of the WC unit.


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Halogen Lights – Produce a very attractive white light for your bathroom, closely resembles day light.


Infa-Red Mirror – Mirror has infa-red lighting which is activated by movement in front of the sensor.


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Laminate top - A countertop material which is hard wearing and durable and available in a number of colour options.

Linear Framing – Panels that surround cupboards. Available in Wenge, Pear and Beech.


Mixer Shower - Uses a valve to mix hot and cold water together

Mood board - A collection of images, materials and colours that create a picture of the style you want to achieve in your bathroom.


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Open Mirror Shelf Unit – Three glass shelves on a mirrored back.


Pedestal Sink – Sits on top of a ceramic column and is fixed firmly onto the wall.

Plinth – Material that covers pipework and sits underneath the cabinet, next to the floor.

Push Button – Operates the toilet cistern.


No entries.


Rigid furniture - Bathroom cabinets that are supplied pre-built for ease of installation.


Single Door Base Units – Cupboard that only has one door, perfect for small spaces and to fit with other units. Usually fitted with shelves.

Stem Light Set – Two chrome, top fixing low voltage lights which cast a crystal clear light. Ideal for above the mirror.


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Vanity Furniture – Bathroom furniture for storage that is incorporated under a basin.

Vanity WC cover – Can be a cast marble cover cut to size that sits on top of the concealed cistern unit and co-ordinated with the washbasin.

Vanity Shelf – Fits inside cabinets.


Wall Hung Sink – Sink and shortened pedestal are attached to the wall not too the floor.


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